Introduction to Software Colle...

Founded on Sep. 28, 2002, Software College of Northeastern University is one of the 35 pilot software colleges approved by the Ministry of Education. Software College aims at training students to be practical, interdisciplinary and international professionals who can meet the demands of industry.


Software College now has a Ph.D program in software engineering, a master program in software engineering, and three undergraduate specialties named software engineering, information security and digital media technology, with an enrollment of3,216 students, including 1,939 undergraduates and 1,277 postgraduates &Ph.D students.


There are 8 Ph.D supervisors, 10 professors and 20 associate professors in the college and 38teachers have received Ph.D degrees. Software College also invites some experts and scholars from other universities home and abroad, as well as from some famous enterprises. 


In order to foster practical, interdisciplinary and international software talents, Software College establishes personnel training programs according to the needs of enterprises and the development of the industry to form a flexible curriculum and a dynamic training plan. Software College also introduces advanced foreign computer courses, such as 10 computer courses from Carnegie Mellon University, USA.


Software College endeavors in strengthening students' practical ability and enhancing students’ adaptability for future work and resulted that all thestudents get into enterprises in the 7th semester for internships and further practical training.


Software College founded an international class (English) of software engineering that focuses on training students' English ability as well as professional skills. Software College also offers Japanese and Korean courses. In 2011, Software College founded an international class (Japanese) of software engineering, cultivating demand-oriented software talents who can skillfully use both English and Japanese. 


Software College cooperates with enterprises at home and abroad and has established joint laboratories with IBM, Neusoft, etc. Off-campus practice bases and training bases have been founded in more than 20 enterprises, including IBM, Alibaba, Baidu, Neusoft, Chinasoft, etc. Software College has also promoted international cooperation with foreign universities. More than 30 cooperation agreements have been signed with universities from the UK, the US, France, Italy, Japan, Australia, Ireland, Hong Kong, etc.


After 14 years' practice, Software College has obtained rapid development in many aspects and became a competitive and influential group in software talents cultivation.

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