Undergraduate Program-CN

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Undergraduate Program (Chinese)

MajorSoftware Engineering

Language: Chinese


Length of Study:4 years


Time of Enrollment:September



1.All courses are given in Chinese.

2.Study with Chinese students together.

3.More than 3 months’ internship in famous IT companies in the 2nd Semester of the 3rd year.


Fees and Expenses:

Tuition:20,000 RMB/ Year

Applying for Admission


June 31, for the undergraduate program


Non Chinese nationals in good health

High School Certificate Holder

Excellent in English communication

3.Application:Email the following materials togongsy@swc.neu.edu.cnbefore 31 June

a.ApplicationForm.doc (download here)

b.photo copy of the high school certificate

c.photo copy of the transcript of high school

d.photo copy of passport information page and blankpage

e.3 E-photos (passport size)

No.195,Chuangxin Road ,Hunnan District Shenyang,110169, China ; Tel:(024)83680498 ; Fax:(024)83680522