The Orientation for 2016 New International Students was Given in Software College, NEU

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On the afternoon of Sep. 8th, the orientation for 2016 new international students was given in Room B520 of information building on Hunnan Campus. The vice dean of Software College, Prof. YU Ruiyun, the working staff of domestic and international exchange and cooperation office, and all the 2016 new international students attended the meeting.

This year, in total 58 international bachelor, master and PhD. students were admitted to Software College, NEU. Except for the 25 students who were already arrived in NEU, the other students will arrive successively later.

In the orientation, students had the self-introduction part first. They introduced their names, nationalities and major background, and expressed their great expectations for the future. Then, on behalf of Software College, Prof. YU expressed the warmest welcome to the students and introduced the basic information of NEU and SC, as well as the specialties of the English taught programs at bachelor, master and PhD. levels.

Software College started to set up the fully English taught master degree program in 2013 and bachelor degree program in 2014 majored in Software Engineering. Until now, Software College has recruited 112 international students at bachelor, master and PhD. Levels, including 9 graduated students.

Recruiting and cultivating international students is the important part for  the internationalization of Software College, which is significant for cultivating international software talents, building international faculties, improving international management, promoting the popularity and influence of NEU and SC in the world.  

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